Bag of 100

Non-Vented Evacuation Tips


  • These products fit all standard evacuator hose ends and contain smooth edges for maximum patient comfort;
  • The straight handle provides increased control and dual use,as one end is vented and the other is non-vented;
  • They are convenient, single-use disposable tips and have a s-shaped end cut that conforms better to the natural profile of teeth;
Items Description
VE-001N Blue
VE-002N Yellow
VE-003N Pink
VE-004N Orange
VE-005N Fresh Green
VE-006N Green
VE-007N Burgundy
VE-008N Lilac
VE-009N Fuchsia
VE-010N Magic Blue

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Founded in 1990, Sanax Protective Products has strived to provide the best possible infection control and disposable products to our valued customers worldwide. Our products are sold in the medical, dental, veterinary and tattoo markets. We have partnered with various manufacturing companies worldwide to produce products that meet or exceed governmental requirements in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Japan and elsewhere.

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